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Weed Control


Our pest animal control services include:

  • Mechanical warren ripping

  • 1080 poisoning

  • Fumigation services

  • Implosion

  • Pest Proof Fencing

Our pest weed control services include:

  • Spraying – Spot and Boom

  • Machine-operated removal of weeds, such as African Boxthorn

  • Eco Blade weed control

  • Flail/mulch head control

  • Slashing

  • Weed Mapping

Our staff have experience in the control of many local, state, and federally significant pest plant and animal species. We produce specialised control programs based on the individual characteristics of each weed species, and consider the impacts of treatment on the surrounding area, particularly focusing on vegetation, known threatened species, and other native animals.

We have extensive experience running programs on private and public land, including roadsides, reserves and agricultural land. We have successfully controlled infestations of many pest weeds, including WONS species such as African Boxthorn, Wheel Cactus, and Hudson Pear.

Before undertaking control works on new species, our staff create specialised control programs for each weed species based on information sourced from literature or from consulting with weed specialists. Research into more environmentally friendly methods of weed control, and reducing the risk to non-target species saw TMC enviro invest into cutting-edge weed control technology, the Eco Blade, in 2013. This technology allows TMC enviro to provide specialised, eco-friendly weed control in areas of high cultural or environment significance.

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